Saturday, June 29, 2013

Karma Will Find You

I won't delve too deeply into the issue of my car being repossessed this past week, because - thanks to my brother and my son - I did get the car back Friday. I know nobody loves the repo man (or the Repo Fairy, as my brother, Duane calls them), but this is an exceptional case of bad business. Being the one to have to show up at all hours of the night to take someone's vehicle away from them has to be a tough job, I know. What is so different about my case - and the case of several others visited by this particular repo man - is his dishonest business practices.

When Jason King of King Blake Recovery showed up at my house at around 9 P.M. on Monday night, I was obviously NOT  a happy camper. I tried reasoning my way out of him taking my vehicle, I cursed, I fussed, I had a fit. Mr. King informed me (in front of my brother and children) that it was no big deal. He said he would drive my car to the dealership and the fee would only be $50. Now, I was not born yesterday and I asked him to put that in writing for me. He refused. That would be the first red flag. Like I said, I understand the job of repossessing cars is a tough one, but Mr. King was exceptionally sarcastic and demeaning.

Another issue was that my car is in need of repair and I asked him to let me drive it to the lot, so that if it was damaged, it would be my responsibility. He refused this notion, as well. Later I was told by the dealer that would have been perfectly acceptable. I was told that Mr. King let one female drive her car to the dealership and that he told her that he wouldn't charge her a fee. He later told the dealership, he drove the vehicle in and that his fee was to be $150.

Jason King kept trying to get me alone to talk to him about the situation, but my brother would not leave my side. Duane knows Jason and whispered to me not to be alone with him as we stood in the yard discussing the situation. I finally relented and handed over my car keys. I told Mr. King that I would be getting my car back and that I would appreciate him not driving it like it was his own vehicle. He handed me his business card and told me he does repair work on the side "for cheap" and would be glad to work on my car whenever I needed.

Friday came and I went to the dealership to retrieve my car. I was told Jason King had charged them $100 for driving my vehicle to the lot. I asked the secretary to call him and let me speak with him. After I finished telling Jason King what I thought of his dirty business practices, I hung up the phone. The secretary at the dealership informed me that I was not the only one to complain of KBR's business practices. It seems Jason King would prefer that females trade sex in exchange for him not towing their vehicles.

Trading sexual favors is nothing new to Mr. King. About 10 years back he was employed by a rent-to-own type company in Troy, North Carolina and practiced the same techniques in exchange for payments on overdue rentals. Many women would call the rental store and ask that the company please not send Mr. King to collect payments. Jason King is a cocky, arrogant snot bag who needs to be taken down more than a few pegs from his high horse.

This is not a case of "you repo'ed my car and I'm going to pay you back". This is a case of a despicable human being using and exploiting his sense of authority to gain sexual favors from women and if he doesn't get it, he makes them pay - LITERALLY PAY.

I've only lost one car to repossession in my life and I was angry, but it is what it is. If you don't pay for your shit, they come get it. My anger in this case is directed at a lying, worthless waste of air who has manipulated and used women every chance he can ! I almost feel pity for his wife - who is obviously either abused or has been brain-washed by her husband - into believing that everyone else is a liar and he is the only truthful human being on earth. In fact , the very opposite is true of this man.

It is a good thing Mr. King is not in law enforcement and I hope that he has never been. I cannot imagine what he would do with that kind of authority.

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