Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Baby Boy !

Dear Julian,

Do you remember the day Julio was born. We weren't expecting him for about 3 or 4 more weeks, but Julio decided to come into the world a little early. My water broke that morning. We got to the hospital and I could see the panic in your eyes. It was my fourth time doing this, but your first. You changed from a beautiful brown to a pale white. I kept reassuring you that everything was okay.

When it was time for me to push, you backed up against the wall on the far corner of the room. I begged you to come stand with me and hold my hand, but you just stood there, paralyzed with fear. The nurse asked you if you needed to sit down, but you just shook your head as if you were unable to speak. You kept wiping your hand down your entire face. I could see you were getting queasy.

Caleb was there, because we didn't have anyone to babysit him that morning. He cheered me on and kept saying "WHOA !!" You stood there unable to move, until Julio was out and he began to cry. You came over to me with tears in your eyes and kept repeating the words "Mi hijo". You kissed me over and over and held my hand tightly. Then you went to see your baby close up. You ask the doctor if you could hold him and the doctor told you Julio would need a little time in the special oxygen unit since was a little early and had trouble breathing when he came into the world. I saw the disappointment in your eyes and I guess the doctor saw it too, "Don't worry, Dad. We'll bring him right to you to hold in a couple of hours." He said.

You came back to my side. Your excitement was almost child-like. You were thrilled to be a father. You scooped Caleb up in your arms and kissed his tiny cheek. "You're a big brother, Caleb !" You said to him. And you were a father even before Julio, my darling Julian. You were the best father.

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