Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Remembering Julian - No Signal

Okay, Julian was very intelligent, an excellent carpenter and a hardworking man, but he did get the occasional brain fart. When he did have one of those moments, it was usually HILARIOUS ! This memory definitely gave the kids and I a chuckle as we recalled it just the other day.

A couple of years ago Julian was to leave for a job out of state. His old cellphone was well used and he needed a new one. His new phone came just the day before his trip. We said our good byes and Julian and his friend headed out on the road.

About an hour after Julian left, he called me. As soon as I said hello, he was angrily yelling into the phone.

"This stupid phone don't work !" He yelled.

"What do you mean ?" I asked.

"It don't get no signal no where, mujer !" He said. "I try to talk to my brother on the phone, but it he can't hear me."

"Well, it's working now !" I said.

"No it's not !" Julian yelled into the phone.

I was quiet for a minute. I checked my phone. He was calling me from his cellphone.

"Honey, darling, sweetheart..." I began. "Aren't you talking to me on your new cellphone ?"

"Yes ! But it don't work !" He shouted. "There's no signal !"

"Julian, dear, maybe it was your brother's phone that was dropping the call." I said.

I heard him sigh heavily. "No. It's this stupid phone. I don't have a signal anywhere !"

"Okay, mi amor. I'll let you think on this one a bit longer and you call me back when you get it figured out....IF you have a signal, that is." I said.

We hung up and a little while later Julian called me back to let me know that he had "fixed" the problem. He never clarified how he fixed it, but I'm pretty sure the problem was that he was hitting the mute button or something. He wasn't technologically inclined and I knew it being a new phone, he probably just wasn't used to it's features. Still, I laugh when I think of that phone call. He insisted the phone wasn't working - even while he was talking to me on it. Brain farts ! Aren't they fun ?!

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