Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Perfect Getaway

Julian at Kure Beach (2009)

I have to be honest and say Julian wasn't all that crazy about the beach. He always said he grew up so close to the beach in Mexico and he wasn't a good swimmer, so it wasn't as much of a treat to go to the beach for him as it was for us. My kids inherited my love for the beach and are way better swimmers than their dad and I are.

Julian loved going to the beach because it made his family happy. It seemed the perfect getaway for the kids and I to take off to the beach for a few days. The weather was way too cold for swimming, but just being there was enough for us. We rested, relaxed, sat on the beach, gathered seashells and visited the Aquarium while we were there. And, of course, we thought of Julian. Being there without him was the hardest part, but I very much felt him there in spirit.

Daisy, Julio & Caleb standing in the same spot (as Julian in the pic above) on Kure Beach (2012).

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