Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love Letters From Julian

In July 2005, Julian was out partying with friends. They came upon a traffic check and the driver was arrested for DUI. Julian was arrested for public drunkeness and jailed in Stanly County Jail. While there, a spiteful police officer falsely identified Julian as a gang member and turned him into INS. What should have been 24 hours in the drunk tank turned into nearly 2 months in jail and Julian being picked up by Homeland Security. It turned out for the best, because Julian was able to get an attorney who specialized in INS cases and he got his work authorization.

Julian liked to play lawyer sometimes and he was a very intelligent man. I used the term "spiteful police officer:, because that is exactly what he was. Julian knew he should not have been held more than 24 hours based on what he was charged with when he was arrested and so he protested. The officer in question knew he was falsely accusing Julian of being a member of the MS13 gang and he knew what consequences such an accusation would hold for Julian. Karma...Julian was found to have "no gang affiliation" and the end result was worth the 60 days in jail.

Julian did not ever even associate with people like that. He despised tattoos and piercings on men and we only owned a gun AFTER our home was invaded by criminals in 2003.

Anyway, Julian wrote to me nearly EVERYDAY that he was in jail. He turned his life to God and we grew even closer because of it. I used to have all of the letters he wrote me. When we were moving, I could only find two of them. But they are the sweetest of them all. I'm going to share one with you all. Julian's english wasn't the greatest - especially written - but I think you can understand them.

In this letter he is responding to an angry letter I wrote to him. I was upset that he had been out drinking and was arrested because of his childish actions.

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