Saturday, February 11, 2012

Corazon A Corazon - Remembering Julian

When our son Julio was born, Julian watched as I nursed him. He told me, "You are so lucky to be so close to our baby. I feel like I wanna be that close to him." I would lie down on the bed and nurse Julio and Julian would lay on the other side of Julio and gently rub Julio's back as he nursed. It seemed so important to Julian that his child feel him there with me as I nourished him as only a mother could. I may have, at times, doubted Julian's love for me, but I never doubted his love for his children. He was a gentle, caring father who would watch his as if he was amazed at what our love had created.

One day as I was preparing supper and Julian had come in from work, I heard Julio crying. I rushed to finish cooking. A couple of minutes passed and Julio's crying subsided. Now, this can worry a new mother worse than an infant's longing cries. I dropped what I was doing and ran to our bedroom where Julio was. There I found Julian, holding Julio so close, so gently. Julio in his diaper, Julian had taken off his shirt, as well. He was holding Julio so that their two hearts were together. Julian smiled as he looked up at me so sweetly and said, "Corazon a corazon."

Heart to heart.


  1. What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing Rebekah

  2. This made me cry. :( Aaron often said the same thing about AJ when I nursed him. People believe that a bond between a mother and a child is strong, but a father and child bond can be just as strong. AJ loves his daddy just as much as his mommy. He might be seven months, but we are both important. I'm sure Julio and Daisy were the same way. Thank you for sharing, Aunt Renee. Love you! :)

  3. This story is precious... I don't know you. I hope to know you tho... from every video I have seen or post I have read, I am finding myself very emotional. I just hope and pray God is blessing you and healing your heart! God bless you. <3