Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love Letter (August 14th, 2005)

In case you couldn't see the letter, I am posting it here...(with corrections)

Hello baby

How are you [?] I hope fine and well. I just chillin out - nothing better to do in here. Honey, I don't have any other way to tell you to forgive me [while] I am in here.

I know [that] you still think [that] when I get out [of] here, [it'll] go back to the same. I don't have any other friend out there than Jesus.

Believe me and please don't worry about what I have done before. I feel like I give my life to Jesus [Christ]. I prayed to God every night and morning to be with me. I never before haven't feel [that] way, but now.

I can't wait to [leave] this place and go to church and give my life to Jesus.

It makes me really happy to listen you and my kids going to church. And where [am I] ?

I can't wait to go home and love you with all my heart. Love you like [no] man has [loved] a woman before. I am going to make you happy for the rest of our [lives].

When I receive your letter Friday and read [that] you [were] sick, it makes me feel bad [that] I am not there with you. I am sorry. I hope you get better, beautiful. With the bottom of my heart, I can't wait to see you, [hug] you and see [that] beautiful face...happy forever.

I told God "thanks for [giving] me the greatest wife". Please, don't get mad at me any more. But if that make[s] you feel good and help you out with you[r] pain [that] I put inside you, I will listen and read [as] many times [as] you want me to hear that.

It may help me to understand my stupidity [that] go me in here. Don't worry about how much you hurt me. I think I need this and much more.

I just want to tell you [that] I can't live without you. My body need[s] a heart to keep going and you are my Sweetheart. You are in my mind every second in my life.

I got to go, beautiful. Tell the kids [I] say hey.

I love you : to Special Person
Stephanie Renee Gomez


Julian always put my name at the bottom of his letters. I just wanted to share this letter. I want everyone to see what a beautiful man Julian was. He wasn't perfect, but he was kind, forgiving, remorseful, willing to ask forgiveness when he did wrong, loving, affectionate and to me....he was JUST PERFECT !

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