Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Julian

Eyes that looked so deep into my soul
Lips that spoke the sweetest words
Arms that held me so close
It felt as though we shared one heart beat

Sometimes I can still feel your breath on my neck
Sometimes I can still hear you saying "I love you"
My soul aches to hear your laughter again
My heart skips a beat when I remember your touch

Once you were here with me
There was a time when you were so real
Now I struggle to believe we'll never be again
I long for the day when we're reunited

I miss everything about you
My beautiful husband
My lover
My best friend

Can you see me ?
Do you hear me crying ?
Do you feel my heart aching ?
Do you know how much I love you ?


  1. That's very touching, I am so sorry for your loss x

  2. It is good that you can write down your feelings as it will aid you in this most painful of journeys. It is not a road you would have chosen, Stephanie, and I continue to think of you and wishing you peace in your heart.