Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Open For Business

Thanks to Kimberly, my website is up and running AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS ! The website turned out perfect ! Kimberly did an awesome job and she stuck with me until the shopping cart was fully set up (which took some extra time and work).

I've got soaps curing on the shelf and more to make, but I have quite a few on the website. You will also find handbags in the Renee's Fashions section. I will soon have Daisy's Creations up on the site, as well.

I am currently trying to transfer the original domain ( and hope to have that working soon. In the meantime, I ordered more business cards from Visita Print with the new web address on them.

This new website does require customers to register. Registration is for my eyes only. I do not and will not share customer info with anyone. The great thing about customer registration is I can keep up with customer purchases and offer exclusive discounts to repeat customers, send out little gifts on special occasions and when you register, you get first access to my newsletter with specials & sale notices.

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