Saturday, July 30, 2011

Virtual Moving

To be quite honest, I've never wanted to stay in web places like Etsy or eBay. It's not that they aren't great places to shop or sell, but I've always seen myself as more independent. I want to have MY OWN presence on the internet & not get lost amongst the thousands of other shops that sell on second party sites. I'm very appreciative of the opportunity that Etsy has given me, but I see it as more of a starting place and not a permanent home for my business.

Thanks to a wonderful fellow artist/soapmaker, Kimberly, I will soon be moving my web presence to my own website once again. With our current financial situation at home, it was getting very difficult to afford my website with PappaShop, but Kimberly introduced me to a webhost that charges a year what PappaShop was costing me a month ! Yaaaay ! I did love PappaShop. It was easy to manage my site and shopping cart. The drawback was limited templates (who wants to have something exactly like someone else has ?). I really want my website to be MY website. Kimberly has graciously offered to created my web template and help me get my new site up and running.

I anticipate moving to the new site within the next few weeks and I hope that my wonderful customers will visit my new online store and stay to shop.

Kimberly also helped me with sources for making my soaps better ! I can't wait to try out the new formulas and experiment with new looks for my soaps.

I will post an announcement when the new site is up and running.

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