Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let Me Make This Clear...

I have a job. There's no time clock for me to punch in and out everyday, but I work all the same. I take care of my household daily. I do dishes, wash clothes, cook the meals, shop for the groceries, pay bills online & at pay stations. When the kids can't agree on something, I'm the referee (and trust me, I do a lot of interference). When one of them gets hurts, I'm their nurse. If hubby can't find (or won't look for) his socks or underwear or whatever he needs that is most likely right in front of him, he calls on me to help.

I educate my children at home. I make soap, sew and do whatever I can online to help bring in extra income for my family. When you see me with my head in the monitor and my hands on the keyboard, don't think for a minute that I might be buying cows on Farmville (I don't even like any kind of video or computer game). I spend about 3 hours a day promoting my handmade things in order to generate sales - and it does pay off.

Hubby works hard and I know this. At 4 a.m when he gets in from work, I'm up waiting with his coffee and his breakfast. I don't EVER sleep a straight 8 hour stretch. I catch short naps between chores throughout the entire 24 day.

I am so tired of people thinking I have so much free time on my hands. I love my husband and my children. I love being a stay at home mom. What I don't like is those working mothers who see me and think I am their go-to girl. IF or WHEN I do have a free moment, it belongs to me, it's not free so I can run errands or do favors for others who would NEVER in a million years do the same for me.

I hate being used.

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