Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If Ya Can't Join 'Em...

Recently (very recently), I joined an online group. It was a FaceBook group for locals wanting to buy, sell or trade. I listed a few of my things on there, but they got lost in the chaos of THOUSANDS of other posts. I saw that other members were "bumping" their own posts to the top of the list. So, I figured it must be allowed and I did the same with my own. Not wanting to seem needy or greedy, I only bumped each post once and waiting between bumps for each so that they didn't all 3 appear together at the top. Well, shortly after doing this, two other group members responded to my bump with stern, drawn-out comments on how I need to learn to read the TOUs of the group and how admin would surely frown upon my trangression. Their responses in themselves seemed well planned to bump me to the top and embarrass me. I kindly thanked these citizens on patrol, deleted my posts entirely and left the group. It's not their actions, it's the way they presented it. Why be such smarty pantses ?

So, anyway. I got over it and created my own little group with less rediculous guidelines and a warning to "Internet Police" who come in and do the job admin should do in private. This isn't kindergarten. I didn't steal their erasers. I bumped before the 48 hour waiting period to bump, but they wanted to be sure I felt a little smaller than them. Anyway, I've got my own saying for this kinda situation...

If ya can't join 'em, make your own group and don't let them come play with you and your friends !


^^^^^^That's the link to my group up there ^^^^^^^


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