Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HP All-In-One Printer Review

When you find a product you like, you tend to remember & stick with that name brand. Back in 2004 when I got my first brand new computer, I purchased a Lexmark printer and quickly discovered that I truly hated Lexmark products. The printer was cheap, noisy & just didn't work right most of the time.
Once I was able to afford a better printer, I purchased an HP all-in-one. I had that printer for about 4 years before it gave out on me--not bad for a printer I paid less than $75 for.
Last year I bought a Canon printer because it was cheap & readily available. After having the Canon for about 6 months, I couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't the most user friendly printer I had ever owned & the price for the ink was OUTRAGEOUS.

So, in November 2010, I started shopping for another HP all-in-one. Just before Thanksgiving I bought the HP All-In-One 1050. For 35 bucks I got my all-in-one printer. The ink cartridges were about $32 for the twin pack. Once I got this printer home, I unboxed it, chunked that old Canon in the box, set up my new HP and was ready to print within 30 minutes.

The HP 1050 is very user friendly, easy to set up, an excellent deal for the price & was already a trusted name brand in my household.

The only complaint I do have about my HP is that it seems to dislike my paper. I am always getting messages about the paper being jammed or it being out of paper - when, in fact, it is NOT out of paper. But I do believe that may be an issue with the paper itself. Also, I believe this printer prefers to have a certain amount of paper in the tray to keep it running smooth. Other than that issue, it prints beautifully & quickly.
Bottom Line :
For under $100 you can take home a nice little all-in-one and a couple of extra ink cartridges. It does come with the ink you need to get started (which I did not know when purchasing it, but I had a lot of things to print anyway, so no loss there for me).

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