Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Canon PowerShot SX130 Review

Just recently I purchased the Canon PowerShot SX130 camera. After reading many reviews on this one, I really wanted to give it a try. I have had it for about a week now & am already in love with this neat little, featuread packed camera. It takes flawless pictures, HD video & has many features including Fish Eye & Miniature. Stereo microphones capture every little cricket's chirp. Easy to use & compact enough to carry in my purse. The price isn't bad either - under $200 !

I've had a tough time finding a digital camera that I enjoy enough to hang onto for more than a few weeks. But I believe the Canon SX130 will be with me for some time to come. I love how easy it is to take flawlessly amazing photos. With 12.1 MP, there are a range of possibilities for your photos.

Not a professional camera, but definitely good enough to take the family Christmas Card pictures & captures every moment of the family vacation in glorious high quality detail !

I {heart} the Canon PowerShot SX130 !

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