Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thirty Nine

Thirty-nine years on this earth ! WOW ! I almost feel mature right now. I turned 39 years old May 2nd and reflecting on my life I feel as though it's time to be a real grown up.

When I think of the years past, it doesn't feel like so long ago that I was playing Super Friends in the back yard with my little brothers and my cousins. It seems only yesterday, I was walking the halls of my highschool with my head down and my books held closely to my chest.

I can remember the smells of the sterile hospital room as I held my oldest child in my arms (counting her fingers and toes and marvelling at this tiny human being I had just pushed into the world.

I joked with my husband - 7 years younger than I - the other day that by 40 I wanted to lose weight, get a boob job and start getting my nails done every week. What I really want is for this coming year to be a big change in my life. Seriously reflecting on what I have and haven't done over the years.

Why does it take us so very long to mature ? I used to feel as if I had forever to save my money, get a business for my kids' college funds. Now I feel rushed to do the things I should have been doing all along.

When I was 20, I was sure that by 40 I'd be a small business owner, a many little ambition. You can't get across a valley without first taking a step.

Oh, well time to get it going. Let's see what happens between now and 40...

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