Wednesday, May 19, 2010

At Their Own Pace

The morning bell rings (which is mom saying "get your butts in here and do your dang reading"). Where will class be today ? Mom & Dad's bed ? Okay then, let's get going. Homeschool is in session !

My two youngest, Julio (12) & Daisy (9) flop down on my bed with the books they have chosen to read. Caleb (15) has a stomach virus, so he's in his room reading.


Our homeschool atmosphere is very laid back. Many of my friends and family call us hippies. I don't mind being called a hippie at all. If by hippie they mean "laid back & easy-going", then I guess we are when it comes to homeschool.

Julio is a very creative boy. He is an artist of talent beyond his years. Having him at home all the time allows him to experiment and create in ways that I know he never could have in the confines of a public school atmosphere. It's not that I'm totally against public school, but I believe children should be allowed to let their creativity flow. So much political correctness in our society today has begun to blur the lines of childhood & adulthood.

Daisy - like her mommy - is a math wiz ! She loves to do math & has finished every math activity book I've bought her for this school year. Daisy's other passion is scrapbooking. She loves making little birthday cards for everyone (even people she hardly knows).

We encourage the kids to try & fulfill all their dreams. I rarely say no, when asked if they can cut up a cardboard box to make a robot or take the video camera into the woods to make a zombie movie. Not only are the kids enjoying themselves with their little adventures, but they keep me thoroughly entertained, as well.


Many young parents feel they need a break from their kids atleast once a week or so. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I just don't feel that way. I love the company of my children. I enjoy every minute spent with them. They are little comedians, explorers, budding scientists, & amazing adventurers ! How could my life EVER get boring with them around ?

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