Monday, May 17, 2010

Kodak EasyShare C142 Digital Camera

So, I bought a Nikon D3000 a couple of months back. The D3000 is a semi-pro or beginning pro type of camera. I always wanted a pro camera ever since I was a kid. I didn't take it lightly that I finally had one. I searched local community colleges for a photography class. No luck there. But I wasn't giving up. I had this camera and I wanted to learn to use it. It had so many wonderful features that all seemed to be in some alien code to me. So, I really needed those classes. Finally, at the bottom of the list [of community colleges], I began to think "this camera might just be more than I can handle right now". As soon as I began to try to play around with the features, my photos started looking worse and worse. It wasn't the camera, because when I set it back to factory default, I was back to taking awesome photos again. But I didn't just want to keep this camera in factory default. I wanted to use those extra features.

Before the D3000, I purchased a FujiFilm Digital Camera (can't remember the model). It worked great. It was under $200 & I didn't have to get to know any fancy features. Long before that I had a Kodak EasyShare Z612. I loved the Kodak camera. The Fujifilm & the Kodak always took SPECTACULAR photos & they looked like the old film cameras-which I love.

I decided to sell the D3000 and purchase another Kodak camera. But while I'm waiting for the eBay buyer to receive the camera and leave me feedback (so Paypal will release the money to me), I decided to buy a cheaper Kodak EasyShare until I can get the one I really want.

I purchased the Kodak EasyShare C142 from It arrived today. I knew this camera would be the best I could get for the budget I had right now. I also plan on passing this camera on to my 9 year old daughter as soon as I have the EasyShare I'm wanting.

The C142 is 10 MP. I really expected it to take better photos and better video than it does. I've owned this camera exactly 5 hours now and I am pining for the Kodak EasyShare Z915 that I will be purchasing soon.

The picture quality is not as vibrant as I've seen with other digital cameras by Kodak. The video quality is comparable to a $25 digital camera. No sound on the camera to play the video back. Zoom is minimal and completely destroys the quality of any video or picture you shoot with it.

Basically, in my humble opinion, the Kodak EasyShare C142 is perfect for a 9 year old, but useless for a 39 year old.

Having said all that, I do recommend this camera as a gift for a child or teenager. It's lightweight, cheap and easy to use.

[On a side note : If you have knowledge of DSLR cameras & are a beginning or budding photographer, I highly recommend the Nikon D3000. It takes awesome pictures !]

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