Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Comfort Zone

Thinking about my nearly 40 years on this old planet earth, I realized, I live very much within my comfort zone. I'm a home body. I don't go out very much. In fact, I don't do much of anything. I have to say, my comfort zone is getting quite boring.

My comfort zone is plain, boring and colorless. I want to be creative, adventurous and a little - not too much, though - fearless !

In my mind's eye, I see me sewing, creating, doing something new everyday. I see me taking my kids to the park, visiting friends, attending craft shows...I want to do so much ! I've been here before. I've talked about this before. It must be time, because I feel a need to eliminate drama from my life, erase regrets & bad memories and be who I feel I am on the inside.

Can I do it ? Will I do it ? Should I do it ?

Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

Being a hermit is not really the life for me. And I have these wonderful kids who are so adventurous, colorful and YOUNG ! They deserve to be out doing things, experiencing life outside of these four boring, bland walls.

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