Friday, July 10, 2015

Waiting On Zippers

I'm frugal. Sue me. I designed a couple of small wallets and plan to make them using my Super Hero fabrics, skull fabrics and some pin-up girl fabric I have. Well, once I had the designs worked out and make several test runs of the bags, I realized my zipper stash was dangerously low. I don't like to spend a whole lot on my supplies because I don't like to charge outrageous money for my finished products. I think it keeps it fair for the buyer and fair for me. I can make slightly more if I can get most of the supplies for less. The fabric is always going to cost the most when it comes to my sewing supplies, but I can order zippers, d-rings and such from China and save a bunch. 

So, here I am, itching to get some Nerdy Girl wallets done so I can put them in my Etsy shop, but it's been three weeks and I'm still waiting on zippers. Seems like shipping from China takes longer during the Summer months. I get impatient when I have such a strong urge to create. 

Let's just cross our fingers that my zippers get here real soon. School starts in about a month and it's going to cut into my free time/sewing time a whole lot. Stay tuned, friends!

Sorry about the quality. These photos were taken with my iPhone. These were the 3 prototypes for the wallets. The final design will have improved loops and different method for sewing the lining to make the outside look much smoother. 

Love this comic strip fabric. My daughter took all three of these prototypes for herself. It's okay, though. I have plenty more of this fabric to work with.

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