Friday, July 10, 2015

Parents Concerned

Seriously!? You're feeding your kid nasty fast food and your biggest worry is that the little Minion toy may or may not be swearing! I'm posting this on my blog because the guy disabled comments on the video he posted on YouTube. Undoubtedly, because others expressed the same concerns that I did.

I won't say I never ever purchase fast food from MacDonald's, but I can honestly say most everything on the menu makes me gag. I don't even like to buy it for my kids or grandkids. Something's just not right about that food and the calories and fat are off the charts - not just for MacDonald's, but most fast food places are a poor choice to feed your family. If you want to get your kid a Minion toy, go to Walmart and buy one and then buy something to eat that won't put them on an episode of My 600 Pound Life in twenty years.

It really irritates me when people post things like this guy did for the sole purpose of starting something and he isn't even looking at the bigger picture. Toss the Minion toy if you find it so offensive. I find it offensive that you feed your kids garbage like that and your biggest worry is an allegedly foul mouthed toy.

I like the Minions, by the way. Cute little guys and they're my favorite emoticon to use on Facebook. 

Judge for yourself. I'm not sure what this little guy is saying. Maybe he's asking the guy why the fuck he would feed his kids that fast food garbage!

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