Monday, July 20, 2015

Balloon Bonanza

We bought this Balloon Bonanza at Wal-mart over a month ago with the intentions of doing a review and having a water balloon fight with my little granddaughters. My oldest granddaughter, Lily took a little spill off her bed and broker her collar bone and we had to wait for her to heal before we could try out the Balloon Bonanza. 

The Balloon Bonanza package boasts that you can "make 120 water balloons freaky fast" and it's "easy as 1,2,3!"

What you get in the package is 3 bundles with 40 water balloons on each connector and instructions for filling the balloons. 

The first fill looks pretty good.

The problem was that once some of the balloon started to fill and pop off, the others did not fill up completely. We switched from the hose to filling them up directly from the spigot and got the same results. 

Virtually all of the balloons did NOT fill properly which made for a very painful water balloon fight. Most of the balloons did not burst when they made impact with the girls' face, head, body, etc.

I'm not sure if the one shown on TV is the same design as the Balloon Bonanza pictured above, but if it is, it's a complete waste of money. In the end, the kids had to fill the last bundle of balloons the old-fashioned way (one at a time at the spigot). I paid nearly $10 after taxes for Balloon Bonanza when really I could have purchased quite a few packs of plain old balloons for that price. Granted, we did save time filling up the balloons, but less than half of them were filled enough to use for a water balloon fight and the rest were not filled out all or had barely a tablespoon of water in them. 

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