Sunday, March 22, 2015

Introducing Shout Out Sundays (On My YouTube Channel)

Hey, ya'll! It's Renee here!

It's nice to find new, interesting people on YouTube and even nicer when we connect and make new friends. There are so many wonderful people on YouTube; with so much knowledge to share.

I've decided to start Shout Out Sundays for those up and coming YouTubers who have not only inspired me or motivated me, but who have become some of the best friends I've never met.

My subs are low compared to a lot of veteran YouTube creators, but my channel is growing by leaps and bounds. If it weren't for my super, spectacular, awesome subscribers I wouldn't have become so inspired to grow my sewing knowledge. You guys are the best! I will not only be shouting out creator channels, but I will also give a nod to some of my most loyal followers.

If you would like to suggest a channel for my Shout Out Sunday, feel free to message me on YouTube or leave a comment on this blog.

Peace, ya'll!

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