Saturday, August 30, 2014

What's A Momma Bird To Do?

My little chicks are learning to fly on their own. Tuesday, my daughter, Daisy will begin public high school. At age 14, Daisy is my youngest and her brother, Julio (16 years old) started public school last year. Although Julio had been to public school up until second grade, Daisy has never been in a public school setting. After attending Open House at the high school last week, Daisy decided she would also like to give public school a try.

I'm very happy that Daisy has made this decision for herself, but I am also a little sad that my sweet little sidekick will not be with me during the day. Daisy is such a sweet child and I enjoyed our one on one time together. Now I will be left on my own during the day. My immediate goal is to work on my Etsy shop and do more YouTube tutorials. The long term goal is to enroll in classes full time myself in the Spring of next year.

Just the thought of there being no one at home with me during the day is a very strange feeling. Julian always wanted me home with our kids and he preferred that I not work outside the home. That wasn't an issue when I knew I had to be home for my children. I spent every minute with them and we have always been very close. Now I feel a deep sadness knowing that my babies are growing up and someday it won't just be that they are in school. With each passing day, I realize they are growing up and one day they will venture out on their own and this Momma bird's nest will truly be empty.

*Deep Sighs*

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