Sunday, August 31, 2014


Or Upcycling, as some may call it, is a great way to use old t-shirts, linens, pillowcases and the like. I have some plans for a series of video tutorials on how to make something old into something new and totally usable. I should be able to begin the series this week, since my sweet little Daisy will be going to public school and I will have lots of free time on my hands.

If you love sewing and crafting, but you are kind of put off by the thought of spending oodles of cash on fabric while you learn, this series will be perfect for you! So, guys and gals, don't throw out those old tees, pillowcases and sheets. I've got some great ideas worked up for you to try!

Also, be sure to bookmark this blog so you can keep up to date on upcoming tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Peace, ya'll!
Stephanie Renee

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