Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Button Hole Inspiration & Photo Shoot Fun

Yeah, that's what I said. I mastered the button hole setting on my sewing machine ! Yaaaay meee ! And what do you think happens when I learn a new sewing skill ? I'll tell you what happens...I get the urge to make something using that new sewing skill. I'm thinking a cute pair of overall shorts for a little boy. My nephew, Daniel is one cutie patootie and I've been wanting to create something just for him.

I think I have a pattern in my stash that I can repurpose into what I need for the project. Look out, ya'll ! Renee's on a mission ! But first, I gotta finish those dresses I cut out. I've got cute kiddos lined up to model those dresses for me. That is a two part deal for me. I get to dress those yungins in my handmade goods and photograph them. My all time favorite photography subjects are adorable little kids. Another yaaaaaay meeee !

Dear Julian,
Today I'm feeling super crafty and I love it !

Peace, ya'll.

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