Sunday, February 2, 2014

Things You Shouldn't Say To An Artist/Crafter

When I make something, I have to admit, I am eager to share on social networks. It feels good to have people admire your work. It encourages me to push myself more and more. As I work towards my goal of turning my craft into a full fledged/profitable business, I encounter many obstacles that might hinder me doing what I love, but none is more frustrating than one request in particular that makes me so I angry I see red !

"Hey, I love what you made ! If I buy the fabric, will you make me one ?" Followed by, "I'll give you a couple of bucks for your time."

Oh, how nice. Thank you for diminishing my work and making it seems as though what I love to do is a fleeting hobby and not something that deserves sincere recognition and appreciation ! 

I have gotten so many of these annoying requests that I have simply stopped responding. Seriously ! How do you think a major department store would react to that kind of request ?! I am a one woman material buyer, designer, manufacturer, product photographer, web master, advertising agent and so much more. 

I cannot understand how anyone would be so thoughtless as to consider what I do worthy enough to garner their interests, but not worthy enough to be paid fairly for what I do ! The very saddest part of the story is that often times it is the people who actually know me personally who do this. It's friends and family and not a stranger who happens upon my website online. 

This very problem is the major reason my mother's (and her business partner's) clothing business went out of business 20 years ago. Mom told me that people would walk in off the street and treat their shop like a Flea Market. They would try to talk her prices down or offer to bring in their own fabric. After about 3 years of this, Mom and her partner decided to just shut the business down. It's such a shame, because they made beautiful outfits !

I absolutely LOVE sewing and crafting, but I am becoming quite frustrated with how some people belittle what I do. You don't get to walk around wearing one of my creations by paying me third world country wages to create it for you. Plain and simple. 

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  1. I understand this pain oh too well. No one wants to pay for labor it seems anymore.