Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Her Own Footsteps

My daughter, Daisy will be eleven this July and I find everyday with her to be more fascinating than the last. She shares many of the same interests I do, but in different perspectives.

One thing Daisy and I have in common is our love of photography. We'll take pictures of anything. Daisy's interest in photography seems to veer more towards structures. Buildings of almost any kind catch her eye. She also loves photographing animals. I can't keep up with all the camera cards she's filled with photos of our pets.

Today as we were coming home from taking my husband to work, Daisy reminded me that she wanted to stop by the large cemetary in Albemarle, North Carolina. The monument that stands near the entrance reminds Daisy of a lighthouse - she is nuts over lighthouses. So, we pulled in and I let little miss snap away with her little pink Kodak.

Below are a few of the pictures she took, today.

I'm very proud of Daisy (and my two boys). Being homeschooled, they have the time & freedom to grow into their own persons. Daisy is passionate about what she likes & doesn't like in all aspects of her life. All I can do is stand back and watch in awe of her as she grows & learns !

I love how everything is an adventure to Daisy. Even a simple trip to a graveyard became something she talked about for most of the day, today. And hopefully, this summer we will get the chance to take her to see some real lighthouses !

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