Sunday, January 9, 2011


Below are some pictures I took in Rockingham, North Carolina (Richmond County) using the Miniature Feature on my Canon PowerShot SX130.

 This features works best holding the camera horizontally. I took these while standing in the parking lot of the ESC office. It was above the main road there and made for a great angle to try out the miniature capabilities of the camera.
You can see how this would work better if there was an option to move the in-focus area around a bit. I think the picture below would have worked better if I could have gotten the entire light pole to come into focus - instead of just the bottom.

I really like this feature, but I wish there was more flexibility with it. The camera chooses the areas that are blurry or in focus (a block is highlighted on the LCD screen showing what are will be in focus). So far, I don't see any way of modifying it so that you can make the in-focus area bigger, smaller or move around. It's very limited, but still lots of fun with lots of possibilities.

I'm still smitten with the Canon PoweShot SX130. I love all the features it has and the HD video is awesome ! I've tried out quite a few compact digital cameras over the years, but this one is my favorite so far !

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