Monday, January 10, 2011

Fried Tilapia

Hubby made some fried Tilapia while he was here for the holidays. He and the kiddos enjoyed their meals very much. When I first saw this fish prepared with the head still attached, I couldn't see how anyone could eat this. Of course, once I tried Tilapia this way, I couldn't imagine having it any other way. 

Preparation :

First, prepare the pan. Add about 1/3 inch deep oil to pan. Set on medium high heat.

1. Rinse Tilapia in water and remove any scales
(We purchased ours fish at the local grocery store already gutted & scaled.)
2. Cut 2 or 3 diagonal slits in the body of each fish.
3. Salt on both Sides.
4. Cook thoroughly on both sides (10 to 15 minutes each side).
5. Serve with fresh, cleaned radishes, onion slices, lime slices (to squeeze onto the fish) and corn tortillas.

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