Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vision Prepaid Card

A while back, I applied for a Vision Prepaid Card by Visa. I already have A Rush Card that I use to purchase things online, but I was thinking this may be an even better deal.

I've had the card for months & just decided to use it the other day to make a quick purchase online. I loaded $25 onto the card using Money Gram. I came home & immediately got online to make my purchase. The card was declined so I logged onto my Vision Card Account. Not only was I charged a $9.95 start up fee, but I was charged $1.95 for the attempted transaction, $2.95 for the declined card and 2 charges of $.95 for logging in and checking my balance.

NOT EVEN close to a better deal than Rush Card. I have had my Rush Card. I've had my Rush Card for over 2 years and have never had a problem with a transaction ! And periodically Rush Card has even given me money back on my card for using it. At times that money back has been as much as $25 at one time !

I emailed Vision Prepaid and have heard nothing back. I let them know that I would be spending the remaining balance and then this card was going in the trash ! In no way at all is this card a good way to go. Overall, I lost more than half my $25 I loaded onto the card in less than an hour and I didn't even use it to make a purchase.

If you need a prepaid card for online buying or bill paying, go with Rush Card. There is a plain & simple $1 fee for each transaction plus the fee to load it through Money Gram.

Vision Prepaid will take money for every single activity on the card. They are in it for the money. It's obvious that Vision Prepaid thinks people with bad credit will be so desperate enough for a card that they will see these fees as a necessity.

There are options. Steer clear of Vision Prepaid.

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