Sunday, July 12, 2015

Customizing Blog Template

Well, not really doing it, but trying. I watched videos, downloaded free templates to test out on one of my private blogs and still, I don't get it. I want to write more and post more on my blogs. I'm just not happy with the layout of my blogs and I want them to be more appealing to viewers/readers.

I think I'm okay with my photography blog. I said from the beginning that I wanted to keep it simply and ad-free, so for now, I don't want to make any changes to it. 

For a while I've been considering taking some in-depth computer classes along with my Photojouralism classes. It seems like a necessity anyway. Everything is digital now and so many people use the Internet for business, pleasure, news, entertainment, etc. 

Until I figure out how to customize my templates on my blogs, I can only cross my fingers and hope that the things I write about will attract the audience I'm hoping for. I love to write and I love photography and I am trying to make a more conscience effort to do more of both on both my regular blogs. You will probably notice daily posts from me and when I begin classes in August, I hope you will also notice improvements in both my writing and photography. 

Also, while I'm on the subject of blogs, I'd like to say, I tried other blog sites and I just don't like them as much as Blogger. I know they may have more features and all that jazz, but I've been with Blogger for about 7 or 8 years (maybe more, but it's been so long that I can't remember) and I like it!

Almost every video I watched suggested putting a photo in each and every blog post to attract more views from RSS and search and whatever all those things are. Ya'll know what I mean, right? Anyway, I didn't have an appropriate photo on my new computer, so I just added a photo of me to this post. Awesome, right?! 

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