Monday, September 15, 2014

Flea Market Bargains

Miss Daisy and I got up super early Saturday morning and hit the local flea markets. We found one vendor who was selling clothes at a dollar a bag (all you could fit into a plastic shopping bag) and he told us to stuff 'em full, so we did! I was hunting things to upcycle or repurpose for my YouTube tutorials. Daisy was in the market for funky dresses and men's suits. We both made out like yard sale bandits! We got five bag fulls total at that one place. I got plenty of usable goods to repurpose and Daisy got a funky pair of hippie pants that I just need to adjust a little so she can fit into them - not to mention a three piece suit she plans to transform into a costume (for what, I have no idea).

I used my first piece from our flea market haul to make a hair bow from an old striped t-shirt. The tutorial for that is uploading to my channel as I write this article. I also found an elegant, long bride's maid dress. After staring at it and imagining different ways to transform it into something new, I have decided to try to make it into a short, tutu-type dress. Hopefully the idea that is swimming aimlessly in my big ole noggin will come out just as planned when I work on it for a YouTube tutorial.

My most prized possession from our little flea market adventure is a bright red, polyester knit dress. It has a Sears label in it and I am one hundred percent positive it is from the early 1970s! It looks like it has never been worn. That baby is going to be listed in my Etsy shop, for sure. If it were my size, it would be hanging in my closet, but, alas, this fat chick ain't gettin' in that beauty any time soon!

I also collected some retro/vintage dresses and jumpers that I intend to use to make some pretty little hair bows and maybe a baby dress or two.

Who gets excited shopping for stuff other people don't want? This girl, that's who!

This pretty red dress from the early 1970s is now listed in my Etsy Shop!

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