Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bad Medicine & Doctors Who Don't Listen

So, I already knew I was a diabetic and that I needed desperately to see a doctor. I suspected that I might have Crohn's disease. For the last couple of years the symptoms got worse and worse. Finally, over the last several months, I started to lose weight, my whole body would ache, my heart would palpitate, my kidneys would sometimes feel like someone was beating them with a baseball bat, my hair has begun to thin, sometimes my hands shake and a whole list of other symptoms were just wearing me down.

Thanks to a good friend, I found a doctor (within walking distance of my apartment, no less) who has a program to help low income patients pay reduced costs for health care. I made an appointment a few weeks ago. The doctor gave me insulin and took blood for an A1C and other tests. The following Wednesday, I got the call. "Hyperthyroidism", said the nurse. I had to repeat it back to be sure. Yep. Not Crohn's. Nothing like what I expected.

This past Friday I went back to the doctor for a follow up. This time the doctor mentioned - and I do mean "mentioned" - the possibility of me having Lupus. I had all the questions ready to ask about the Hyperthyroidism and the diabetes, but he left me hanging with the Lupus. No explanations, no chance to ask about the other diagnosis. Just "here's what we're possibly looking at"..."here's your medication"...."buh-bye" !

I sat in the exam room nearly in tears. I wanted to talk to the doctor. I wanted more time to ask questions. I wanted to discuss long term affects of the meds I was given. I got !! I did get a strong scolding for using the Internet to investigate the Hyperthyroidism. Well, doc, it is YOUR job to discuss things with your patients. It is YOUR duty to talk to me and not leave it entirely in the Internet's hands to explain things to me.

So, now I wait. To be continued...

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