Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reformatting The Home School Environment

After nearly six years of homeschooling my 3 youngest children, I've come to realize the hippie environment isn't as much of a positive thing as I had first thought. I still want my children to be able to express their individual personalities, but I know they also need some sort of discipline and structure in order to become functioning adults in today's society.

I have been working over the last few days to create a points system that focuses on rewarding good behavior, completing school assignments and completing household chores. I've tried this system before, but it was rushed and not very well planned. This time around I am considering all aspects of the system and have taken careful notes. It has to be a system that makes the children understand that each task is only a step towards their goal/reward and not a task for a reward (which is what we tried before). Our old system rewarded each task individually and became more tedious for me and I found the kids rushing through chores or school work for the sole purpose of gaining a reward. It was like working at a job and getting your hourly pay each hour on the hour !

My goals in doing this points system are to teach my children patience, responsibility, respect and the value of hard work.

We will be documenting everything on paper, video and social networking which I think will be a reward in itself when the children are able to look back at their accomplishments.

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