Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, I have really gotten into it this time. I've been creating so many new products over the last few weeks. I am running seriously low on supplies, but decided to use what I've got to make what I can until it all runs out.

So, here are a few pics with descriptions of my new products -

Beach Babe Sunscreen

Eva Mae's (should say) Old Fashioned Salve (label was corrected after taking this photo)

Splash-Tastic Tonic

Dama Solid Perfumes

Goat's Milk Lotions

Happy Fanny Diaper Rash Salve

I was having issues with my labels. I bought some water proof label paper on Labels By The Sheet, but it seems after the first couple of good prints, my printer decided it disliked the paper. So, I did some research online and decided to buy regular full sheet label paper and non-yellowing clear coat spray. It works great ! No paper jams, no loss on the exspensive paper (I bought nearly 20 sheets and barely had 2 usable sheets of labels by the time it was all over).

I think, my favorite new product is the solid perfumes. They are fragrant and convenient to carry. The salve and the face tonic seem to be my most popular new items among local buyers.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my products, visit my Etsy Shop.

I am not yet ready to share my recipes or techniques for any of my products. It has taken years of hard work and devotion to the art of making soap for me to get this far and after all, it is my means of income right now. 

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